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About Products

Infant & Toddler Kneepads
For all stages & attitudes!
Its a wobbly world and our babies need all the help they can get.  Our baby
knee pads are designed to help protect our kids from the time they start to crawl,
walk, and run though the big wide world!  They are perfect for indoor use, and
even better for the rough and tumble world of the great outdoors.
Recommended for ages 6 months to 4+ years plus.
All Crawlings products are CPSIA tested & certified.

Made like a sock our knee pads are easy to pull on and off and will fit a 6 month old crawler to a 4-5 year old toddler+ cruising on a scooter or conquering the rough and tumble world of the playground! 
One Size Fits Most - 3" W x 5 1/2" L.  The body of knee pad is 85% premium cotton, 5% rayon, 10% spandex.  Each knee pad is soft, stretchable, and comfortable like a sock to move and grow with the child.  Sweet & fun embroidered designs are on the front & each are vented at back of the the knees for additional comfort.  The top & bottom of the knee pads are elasticized.  The center knee pad cushion has an EVA foam that is soft, flexible, and UV and water resistant.  Machine Washable in cold water, low heat or air dry.

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