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Instyle Dec 2012

Redbook Kidbook Cover 11/12

Kidbook by Redbook
Premiere Issue - Crawlings Hair Accessories


Babytalk Magazine - Perfectly Posh
Crawlings lavender elephant knee pads

Victoria Becham Tweet

"Perfect for those scrapped knees when they fall off the scooter." (June 23, 2012)

 "I realized that these are even more valuable for a wobbly toddler!" (June, 2012)

"... not only super functional at saving her knees but also are so cute in fun patterns" (June 18, 2012)
Finding Balance With Asperger's: Using Crawlings Knee Pads During Therapy - "They [Crawlings knee pads]  have also proven very useful for easing his anxiety about falling while doing difficult activities and overall improved his confidence in Occupational Therapy. His therapist has been really impressed with how much better hes doing simply because of these knee pads."  (April 19, 2012)

"Innovative and fun!"     April 9, 2012

"Crawling knee pads are perfect for playtime."     April 6, 2012


"These adorable knee pads are not only practical by protecting your child's cute little knees, but they're stylish too."        March 20, 2012
"Crawlings are easy to put on, even over a pair of jeans,
and feel comfortable for the child."
"they would be the perfect baby shower gift."            March 19,2012
"GENIUS idea!"         March 14, 2012
"Soft indoor-outdoor knee pads from Crawlings let your busy babe roam free while
keeping little knees well-cushioned on hard and hot surfaces."            
March 13, 2012
"Amazing! baby knee pads for when babies start crawling!!" by Victoria Beckham.
  Feb 27, 2012
"No Need to Worry About Baby Beckhams Knees"        Feb 22, 2012
"Crawlings Knee Pads are the perfect solution"               March 4, 2012
"Now they can explore their world without discomfort. Crawlings keep their knees
from getting bumped, bruised and scratched. "           
March 3, 2012
"Crawlings knee pads are just too, too cute"
"perfect for gift giving! Available in a variety of trendy, fun designs."              March 3, 2012
"Way Cuter Than Rug Burn"        January 18, 2012
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"Now, parents can watch [crawlings babies] with pride and ease thanks to
the adorable kneepads from Crawlings that keep baby safe"            December 10, 2010