About Us

It's a wobbly world and our babies need all the help they can get. Our baby knee pads are designed to help protect our kids from the time they start to crawl, walk, then run though the big wide world! They are perfect for indoor use, and better for the rough and tumble world of the great outdoors.
Crawlings was started by two sisters, each with an infants learning to crawl and become mobile in different ways.  One child hopped on her knees, flapping her arms to get place to place. The other slapped her hands and knees, determined to get her destination.   
Our babies knees were always red, bruised, and scratched. We tried to find a product available in the marketplace that would provide the protection we were looking for, and something our babies wouldnt want to pull off. We couldnt find anything.... so we decided to design and make exactly what we needed.  We knew we needed something that was soft, comfortable and easy to wear like a sock, and have a soft flexible center cushion to protect their soft knees without impeding their ability to bend and move the way they wanted to move. And, there was nothing wrong with designing something with style and humor! 

We made a few pair of knee pads, and our babies wore on the playground. We received so many compliments and inquiries from parents, grandparents, caregivers, aunts & uncles everywhere, that we decided to launch Crawlings!

We hope you and your baby enjoy Crawlings simple and practical solution to growing and getting around in this big wide world!

Crawlings products are CPSIA tested and certified. 


Crawlings knee pa ds will grow with the child.
Made of 80% premium cotton, 10% EVA foam, 5% spandex, and 5% nylon, the body of the knee pad is soft, stretchable and comfortable like a sock to move and grow with the child. The center of the knee pad is made of a lightweight polymer cushion that is soft, flexible, water and UV resistant. The cushion will help reduce the impact to their soft knees and protect their skin from bumps, bruises, and scratches. They are even long enough to protect their shins. The back of their knees will have plenty of ventilation and comfort with either our mesh or vented designs.
So parents, let your child go wild!